The Princess Who Wept Diamonds

The Princess Who Wept Diamonds

Frank Tropea


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This is a story about a beautiful, virtuous princess who has a horrible curse—she weeps diamonds. Because of this curse, her parents and everyone around her treat her horribly to cause her to weep more diamonds so they can be richer. Finally, in a moment of utmost compassion and bravery, she rescues a nearly drowned kitten and finds, yes, she can be loved. But with her father’s plan to kill her cat, she escapes the castle and nearly is submerged in a quicksand. She’s rescued by a mysterious older lady who has magical powers. Together, they travel around as gypsies to disguise her. Finally, she’s given shelter in a very nice farming family, but she dare not give her real identity to them. An older young man in the family falls in love with her, but she dare not love or reveal who she really is. Finally, he discovers her real identity, and she weeps loads of diamonds and other precious gems. But can the worst curse imaginable withstand true love? This is a novel, a tale of growth, however painful, and discovery into one’s deepest self and discovering courage and resiliency.