Insightful Data Visualization with SAS Viya

Insightful Data Visualization with SAS Viya

Falko Schulz, Travis Murphy


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Elevate your storytelling with SAS Visual Analytics

Data visualization is the gateway to artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. Insightful Data Visualization with SAS Viya shows how the latest SAS Viya tools can be used to create data visualizations in an easier, smarter, and more engaging way than ever before. SAS Visual Analytics combined with human creativity can produce endless possibilities. In this book, you will learn tips and techniques for getting the most from your SAS Visual Analytics investment. From beginners to advanced SAS users, this book has something for everyone. Use AI wizards to create data visualization automatically, learn to use advanced analytics in your dashboards to surface smarter insights, and learn to extend SAS Visual Analytics with advanced integrations and options.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • Data visualization with SAS
  • Reports and dashboards
  • SAS code examples
  • Self-service analytics
  • SAS data access
  • Extending SAS beyond drag and drop


Falko Schulz:
Falko Schulz is widely regarded as one of the best infographic data visualization creators using drag-and-drop tools like SAS Visual Analytics. He is also a distinguished developer in SAS R&D, making SAS Visual Analytics what it is today. His creative approach has produced many stunning visualization examples. Falko has been involved in many projects over the years helping customers to visualize business insights and tell data stories. He is an active SAS community member and is enabling SAS users by sharing technical papers, data visualization examples, and blogs posts to explain and show the capabilities of SAS. Falko Schulz is a Distinguished Software Developer in the SAS Business Intelligence Research and Development division. He works actively on products such as SAS Visual Analytics, further enhancing user experience and analytical capabilities. Falko has a strong background in delivering business analytical applications in a wide range of industries. Prior to joining the R&D division, Falko worked in customer-facing roles and was responsible for critical technical implementations and BI architectural designs. During his 20 years at SAS, Falko has worked in various countries including Germany, Australia, and the US.|||Travis Murphy has worked for over 20 years in data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics. Prior to SAS, Travis held roles with other large IT vendors focused on business analytics products. These roles included product marketing, consulting/implementation, training, and presales. His experience includes working with customers and vendors implementing data solutions. Travis is a strong advocate and evangelist for self-service analytics and data visualization. A data visualization and business intelligence maven, he has helped many organizations deliver on the promise of self-service analytics and get the most from their investment in business analytics software. Within SAS, Travis has held presales, technical account management, business solution management, and marketing roles focused on SAS data visualization tools. Travis is always trying to better communicate the value and insight of data using software tools and get business users and stakeholders more involved in the use of data. Travis is a published SAS author and has presented at SAS Global Forums, conferences, and SAS marketing roadshows. He continues to evangelize the benefits of approachable analytics and data visualization.