An Education in Sexuality and Sociality

An Education in Sexuality and Sociality

Heteronormativity on Campus

Frank G. Karioris


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While hook-up culture on university campuses represents a part of the story, it is only part of the story. It is important to add to this and investigate the way the university itself brokers and seeks out specific forms of sexuality, sex, and connection amongst students. This book sheds light on how the university as an institution endorses certain forms of sociality, sexuality, and coupling, while excluding others. Building on extensive ethnographic fieldwork, this book furthers the discussion on the impact these institutional measures have on students, and how students work through and around them – while simultaneously establishing relations outside of and beyond hooking-up.


Frank G. Karioris:
Frank G. Karioris is visiting lecturer of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies at the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Center for Critical Gender Studies at the American University of Central Asia.