Meet Me by the Rainbow

Meet Me by the Rainbow

The Magical Tales of Rainbow Island



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Meet me by the Rainbow is an engaging collection of stories about two, darling chipmunks, Billy, and Suzy. They live on Rainbow Island, an enchanted place where there’s always a pretty rainbow in the sky. One day it disappears. Billy wants to find it, but Suzy cautions Billy, afraid for him. He doesn't listen and sets off on a dangerous adventure across the sea. Amidst a violent storm, Henry, a crane, rescues him and becomes his new friend. They don't know that Slizzin, a dark sorcerer, is nearby with evil spells to cast. Together, they must defeat him and restore the rainbow to its former glory. The adventures don't stop there, because, in a place of magic, dragonflies turn to dragons, and fireflies turn to fairies. When a tiny pixie tells Billy and his friends to fly away, they leave home and travel across the sea. Once they arrive on the other side, they make a new friend, Luna, a cat who takes them to visit a house. After they are inside, they find it full of unforeseen surprises. They must escape and discover they can survive without the help of rainbow magic. Through these and other adventures, Billy and Suzie learn to appreciate their entranced world, which they share with their family and friends.


Besides writing and illustrating, I'm a mother who has spent two years collaborating with professors at the University of Denver, honing my skills. I grew up Amish, and as a child, I had a world of landscapes and storybooks stirring my imagination. But most of all, two darling chipmunks who visit my porch every day, hypnotized me with their chestnut brown eyes. After I found myself spellbound beneath their gaze, I had to draw them on paper. Their picture inspired me to write about them on Rainbow Island.