The Incredible Adventures of Prince Cj

The Incredible Adventures of Prince Cj

Diane Stokes, Cj Vecchio


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Diane is a 57-year-old, mother of 3 grown children, and Grandmother of 1. CJ is her 6-year-old Grandson. Diane and CJ have been creating stories together since CJ was 2 years old. CJ is now 6, and Diane and CJ are still creating these wonderful stories together. In the beginning, these stories were a great way to tap into CJ’s creativity and imagination. CJ would choose what adventure he wanted to do that day, and who would be with him in the story. They made up all the events together, and later on, Diane wrote them down in a book, Not long ago, Diane developed a lung illness, which affected her breathing. These stories became a way for Diane and CJ to spend quality time together, without taxing Diane’s breathing. This book is just the first in a series of stories. Diane and CJ hope that other children can enjoy their books and learn to use their own imaginations.


Diane Stokes: