Database Management for Business Leaders

Database Management for Business Leaders

Building and Using Data Solutions That Work for You

Larry Ruddell


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Database Management for Business Leaders gives all the technical and managerial insights you need to understand and use the data from commercial applications used in your organization as well as providing the tools to do it yourself. This book is for business leaders who want to take control of their data for business success! Each aspect of the book gives management tips and lessons learned so that the business leader will avoid common pitfalls in the database world.

The content of this book includes three basic elements:

1. Database blueprinta suggested plan for finding and/or developing a database to capture, store, and retrieve data for running the business (operations) and/or for helping the organization make decisions (decision support and analytics).

2. Particular techniques in Microsoft Access to use in carrying out the blueprint guidelines

3. Organizational issues that a business leader needs to be aware of and manage.


Larry Ruddell:

Dr. Ruddell is an Associate Professor in Business at Belhaven University and Dean of Faculty at Belhaven University, Houston campus. He has been involved with four computer startup companies and is the founder and president of Integrated Systems and Services. Larry worked for 10 years in the Houston area as a computer consultant in a number of different capacities including training, process analysis, database design and development, systems management, project management, and business development. He has worked for Nomos Systems, Inc. (as a founding partner), Quad S Consultants, Enron (with TCHD and OSI) and on a NASA contract with Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He is a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Access Trainer and has developed over 15 database applications, including the global training tracking system for Miami International Seminary.