Internet-based Intelligent Information Processing Systems

Internet-based Intelligent Information Processing Systems

Tonfoni Graziella, Howlett Robert J, Jain Lakhmi C


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The Internet/WWW has made it possible to easily access quantities of information never available before. However, both the amount of information and the variation in quality pose obstacles to the efficient use of the medium. Artificial intelligence techniques can be useful tools in this context. Intelligent systems can be applied to searching the Internet and data-mining, interpreting Internet-derived material, the human-Web interface, remote condition monitoring and many other areas.This volume presents the latest research on the interaction between intelligent systems (neural networks, adaptive and connectionist paradigms, fuzzy and rule-based systems, intelligent agents) and the Internet/WWW. It surveys both the employment of intelligent systems to facilitate and enhance the use of the Internet, and applications where the Internet is a channel through which intelligent techniques are applied.